Can you get BTC by playing Roblox?

There are many online gaming platforms to be able to make passive income or, as we have previously indicated, to do so as the main source of income for professional or amateur gamers.

In the case of Venezuela, there are two popular platforms that are widely used in the country as Roblox and RuneScape, which allow today to be the source of income for many families even, as found in the east of the Latin American country Cointelegraph EspaƱol.

In a quick interview with a group of gamers dedicated to RuneScape, we could see that gamers make the activity their primary source of income, with an average of USD 30 per week for 60 hours in the same period, up to six times more than they earn monthly in a regular job.

The game ‚The Sandbox‘ announced the sale of its tokens for USD 3 million through the Binance launch platform

In the best case, some users make up to USD 3 per hour, which is rewarding for their effort and time invested, generating an economy around the secondary marketplace around the main gaming platforms.

What is Roblox?
Roblox is a massive online multiplayer where you play in worlds created by other users with blocks and physics, which currently has more than 40 million games „Universes or rooms“ online within the platform and more than 4 million active developers using the official currency of the game called Robux.

Roblox is focused on minors to stimulate their learning, however it is important to take precautions in this regard, since any type of content can be found within the platform.

It is a multiplayer game very similar to Minecraft but with a more powerful interface and a gameplay that allows as many worlds available as millions of users who connect every day.

It has a world creation tool called Roblox Studio that works totally independent from the game, which has everything necessary for the development of games and offers the possibility of receiving income according to the quality of the creation.

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The game was developed in 2003 and was originally focused on a specific audience of under-18s to empower the imagination of children through ‚constructionism‘.

The games and game assets are created using ‚bricks‘, virtual blocks similar to lego. Hence many call it the ‚digital layman‘.

Its infinite number of virtual universes allows for character customization, which becomes a potential secondary market for the purchase and sale of unique costumes, for example.

Membership accounts can sell T-shirts, pants and access to in-game locations and receive a commission for it.