Token Economy – The blockchain board game in a preliminary test

We tried the new board game „Token Economy“. Champagne bottles were decapitated, tears flowed and we also learned something. Fortunately, we can say: no friendships have broken. A review of the Bitcoin game.

“Token Economy – The Game” is a new parlor game from “bot’s don’t cry” that deals with the crypto-economy in a playful way

Based on the classic „Monopoly“, it brings players closer to tokenizing and issuing values, takes them as a roller coaster ride through the crypto market and shows what a monopoly can expect from Bitcoin Bank exchanges. Through crowdfunding the makers Felix Saible, Loraine Olalia and Dominik Jocham want to make the crypto universe more accessible, especially to laypeople.

The aim of the game is the financial bankruptcy of the other players and your own money storage à la Dagobert Duck. This can be easily achieved through company investments and trading in the crypto currencies Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – of course, luck is part of it. The first thing you buy is assets: from the “Openhair Festival” to the “Matterhorn Brand License” to the “Bündner Kunstmuseum” everything is included. After buying them, you can tokenize them and participate in other companies by buying the company tokens of other players. The user fees – in Monopoly parlance: rent – earn you from your own assets or from dividends on third-party assets.

Trade Bitcoin and Co. on virtual exchanges

Event cards spice up the game. If you are invited to speak at a blockchain conference, you suspend one round. If your own business idea wins a start-up competition, you will receive 800 Swiss francs. In addition to the event cards, there are course cards. The rate of the five crypto currencies is shown on them. As with real Bitcoin exchanges, the market is highly volatile. 30 cards show the price developments in the crypto market, which is growing or shrinking on a turn-based basis.

For example, the lowest Bitcoin rate is 1,100 Swiss francs, the highest quoted 20,000 Swiss francs. Ripple’s XRP is tradable from 50 to 950 Swiss Francs. In order to adapt crypto gambling to the real world, players must decide whether to buy or sell before revealing the next card. When turning the course card, euphoric to frustrating feelings are therefore not uncommon. So excitement is guaranteed.

Incidentally, the owners of the two stock exchange company cards can often look forward to it. Because they receive fixed fees for most transactions – like with real Bitcoin exchanges. If a player owns both exchanges, he receives double the fees. The game clearly shows the advantages of a monopolist and the resulting disadvantages for all other market participants.